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English has earned the status of being an international language and it is the most widely spoken language in the world. Several Million people in different countries speak English. It is like mother tongue to many people.
One can feel comfortable with the English language while travelling to other countries because it can be understood by the people. It is also a common medium of instruction in various schools not only in India but many other country of the world also. We didn’t appreciate the British ruling over us but we do appreciate their precious gift of the English Language. The language has survived criticism and has come out as a winner.
Even post independence the importance of the English language has not dwindled. The language is most suitable for administrative, legal and medical work. Though Hindi is our national language, it is also English that removes to some extent the regional and the linguistic barriers, providing a common platform of communication for the people who speak English, feel comfortable with any topic, they feel one up in society, they are able to be more computer literate, use the internet and surf various sites.
In India the vernacular schools are making the subject compulsory and the state governments are yearning to bring in proper training in the language so that the progress of the country is maintained globally.
Most of the channels telecast programs in English. Maximum information on computers is stored in the English language.

It has an extensive vocabulary, it has imbibed words from other languages and it is a growing language. It is the best language that poets and writers can use because of its varied idiomatic phrases and versatility.


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