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Earn while you learn / craze for professional coursesearn-while-you-learn
In this competitive world students find themselves at crossroads due to a faulty system of education. Instead of going for regular studies of graduation and post graduation, students prefer to go in for short term professional courses so that they can start earning at a young age.
There are professional courses like multimediacomputers, fashion, designing, BPO training, secretarial practice, accounting, taxation etc.
Even employers prefer to take in students of professional background because they require less training and can be moulded for work immediately.
The professional courses are expensive yet they are very sought after and even parent support their wards, opting for professional courses.
However, institutions meting out the professional course are proliferating by the dozens but they lack expertise and infrastructure.
Some of their curriculum is run-of-the-mill kind so students don’t benefit much. However, with an increase in inflation most of the students are forced to earn so they can support themselves and spend for their future studies. It makes them more confident and they become financially  independent.

The education system needs to be revamped so that students can learn to choose a proper career right from their school days and confidently go into the line of profession they like.


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