Wednesday, September 29, 2010

essay on ragging!

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Ragging means teasing in a light vein, cracking jokes but not at the expense of others. Ragging is fun if done in the right spirit.

Traditionally it is meant to break the ice between the new and the old students and to encourage better co-operation among the students.

Usually innocent ragging involves seniors making the freshers dance, sing songs, enact somethings or runerrands for them. Ragging has to be done in the right spirit and in no way should it physically or mentally harass anyone.

But now its taking an ugly turn as freshers are building up "ragging phobia". The modern trend of ragging is obnoxious. Students are sexually exploited or mentally harassed. They are made to do indecent things like removing their clothes or doing sexual overtures.

Ragging should not go to an extent where students take extreme steps out of embarrassment. Many students leave studies or even go to extent of committing suicide out of utter shame and bad name. Steps should be taken that seniors do not use political clout and make ragging a menace .

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