Saturday, November 19, 2011

Install server adaptor for WASCE in eclipse!

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Hi friends today i am going to explain how to install WTP server adaptor for  IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
Note:The process is same for any version of WASCE
Pre Requirements :
1) Eclipse must be installed already
2)WASCE must be installed
We can install it in two ways , i am going to explain the first way of installing
1)Using eclipse update site
2)Manually downloading and installing the server adaptor in eclipse

Please follow the below procedures

1)Open Eclipse perspective and click on help->Install new software

Note:If u cant see the images properly please click on it .....

2)In work with text box enter this URL

This is the WebSphere update site for eclipse

3)Check on the WASCE version adaptor to be installed and click on next

4)wait some time and click next when you see this screen

 5)Accept the agreement and click on finish

6)You can see the installation progress like this

 7)After sometime u can see the box like this check on it and click ok

8) At  ast after installation completed please restart the Eclipse

That's all friends if any doubts please comment!!!


Currently have 2 comments:

  1. WASCE v3.0 Server Adapter Assembly (3.0.0) requires feature "org.eclipse.jst.server_ui.feature (3.2.0.v201005241530)", or later version.

    i got message like this

  2. hi karthik....which version of eclipse u r using.....???try to update u r eclipse!

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