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test your "c" skills!

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# Publisher: BPB Publications (March 14, 2003)
# ISBN-10: 8170298016
# ISBN-13: 978-8170298014
this book contains following features!

With so many Degree / Diploma / Certificate programs being conducted in Computer Science and Information Technology it has indeed become difficult for software development companies to separate chaff from the grain. Hence many companies conduct written test in C language before conducting an interview. Though on the face it C language appears to be simple it has a number of features which can challenge the best in the field. Unless you fully understand what these features are and how they are used you would not be able to answer these tests confidently. Instead of taking the regular approach of discussing each of these features one by one, this book takes a different route. It highlights these features through questions, about 1000 of them. Answers are furnished for each question which illustrates the key points lucidly. Once you are through with this book you will be able to face these written tests with the confidence that "I can do it"!

Table Of Contents

* Declarations and Initializations
* Control Instructions
* Expressions
* Floating Point Issues
* Functions
* The C Preprocessor
* Pointers
* Arrays
* Strings
* Structures,Unions and Enumerations

# Input/Output
# Command Line Arguments
# Bitwise Operators
# Subtleties of typedef
# The const Phenomenon
# Memory Allocation
# Variable Number of Arguments
# Complicated Declarations
# Library Functions



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