Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hackin Administrator Account without guest Enable

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For hackin admin accout widout guest or any other account enable u need to have a bootable cd called as AVAST BART (bootable antivirus and recovery tool) u can get it from any uploadin site like megaupload ,hotfile or rapidshare some of links are below:
now after downloading this u have to make bootable cd for this run dat cd on the computer u wanna hack ....boot dat cd and after some processin u will see Avast Bart window if u search u can find u window based "Servant Salamander" option here u can graphically recover files....aftr opening it u all u have to do is go to C:\Windows\System32\ from here copy cmd.exe to any other folder now there rename that cmd.exe wid sethc and then copy and replce dat file into system32 folder sethc file.
now evrything done now boot the window again this time not wid the avast bart cd the time when login window ask for the admin password u have to press shift key many times now inspite of showin sticky key option u will see dos window wid admin privileges
now from here u can change admin pass
first chk d active user by typin
c:\net user
now to change password of selected user eg for Administrator
c:\ net user Administrator * press Enter
it will ask u for new password
so dats how u can change admin pass widout any active account

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